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Leslie Morgan Steiner was in “crazy love” — that is, madly in love with a man who routinely abused her and threatened her life. Steiner tells the story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence.

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FACT: Many have lost their lives or suffered abuse from these same people that came up with a clean report from sites that charge for a general search fee, or others that have been arrested or reported but were not convicted, or the victim may have withdrawn charges out of embarrassment or fear.

A recent statistic showed that as many as 60% of convicted abusers do not show up due to individual jurisdictions and reporting anomalies. Prior arrests or abusive behavior will not show up in many jurisdictions at all.

One Decision Makes All the Difference

• 8 out of 10 domestic abuse cases reported; are dropped due to victim non-participation. • 80% of victim non-participation is due to the lack of shelters, transportation; e.g. to and from the court, and financial support. • A recent statistic showed that as many as 60% of convicted abusers do not show up on paid background check websites due to individual jurisdictions and reporting anomalies. Prior arrests or abusive behavior will not show up in many jurisdictions at all.




You have the last word when it comes to your Future

SAFEminded.org is an empowering project of Like Minded People 501c3)

On this site, you can find out if your date, friend or family member is registered as a known abuser. Of any type of abuse that has fallen through the cracks of the major public data bases.

You can share your story to inspire and empower others from being a future victim.

Our S.A.F.E Minded advocates are here to support victims of abuse towards VICTORY, ‘WE DO NOT PASS JUDGEMENT ON THE OFFENDER’. Hopefully by exposing the abusers inhuman act, the abuser will reach out for the help they may need, While the victim recieves the healing they deserve. Contact Our Hotline:844-68B-SAFE(7233) For More Resources LMP Resources

Abuse Can Happen To Anyone, No One Should Be Abused!!!


 Recently Added Abusers

What is SafeMinded.org


Safeminded.org   is the first domestic violence search engine that allows the victims voice not to be silenced.

To Whom It May Concern,

Your arrest is a matter of public record. Your information, like that of many others, came to us through a data feed. Our organization merely posts the information we receive. We have a system in place whereby innocent people who are wrongly arrested can have their information modified or removed.

Legal Faq’s 

If you can provide us with a case number, then we can verify that your charges have been dismissed or you were found innocent. Once we have that information, we will be happy to remove your profile from our site. We cannot, however, do anything about your arrest being public information on other sites.

Safeminded.org is not here to point fingers at innocent people. We are here to prevent innocent people from becoming victims of domestic abuse.

We encourage the user of this platform to keep an open mind,

Not everyone is innocent, Not everyone is guilty.

Read and decided for yourself

Thank you,

S.A.F.E Minded Advocates.

Some offenders are habitually offenders who have fallen through the legal cracks, as they continue to move on from one victim to the next. Unfortunately animal abuse is rarely reported, Who will be their voice?

SAFEminded.org informs possible future victims of whom they are involved with. All of the bios have been verified through event numbers and domestic violence police files on each event.

If your abuser pleads no contest (which is a conviction without being a conviction) this will not show up in Public Data Search.
Here on S.A.F.E Minded.org. it ‘WILL’.
Each Bio is submitted by legal data feeds or the offender’s victim. LMP’s advocate’s fact check each and every bio submitted to ensure their integrity.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, submit your story of your abuse. Your identity will remain anonymous. Sharing is Caring Your bravery today could possibly save a future victim tomorrow.
If you begin to see the red flags of abuse in your relationship, then maybe it’s time to find out if you are involved with a habitual offender.
“We have eyes, but see not. We have ears but hear not”.
To often we are blinded by what could be a love opportunity that we fail to anticipate the chaos of an impending situation. Do not ignore the “RED FLAGS”
Search now.

©2017 S.A.F.E Minded Project of LikeMindedPeopleInc.com A 501(c)(3)

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